Book Review for Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

I really support how we are thrust into August Pullman’s world by learning things through his mind first. R.J. Palacio beautifully writes the story using alternating perspectives from major characters besides August: Jack Will, Olivia Pullman, among others. It helps to read what kind of person August is first, because the story’s plot is solely about August’s introduction into the world and how he navigates it. After being homeschooled all his life due to 27 surgeries since he was born, he begins 5th grade at a public school and socializes with outsiders for the first time. August keeps it real and tells readers who he sees is authentic with him and who’s just in it to see what a “freak” looks like. It is an empowering, tear-jerking, comedic, and heart-gripping story that keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat. You’ll find yourself rooting for August to make it throughout the whole school year, and wishing you could put your little grain of kindness into his and other people’s lives.

Everyone’s character development is shown as the story moves forward. I am a huge fan of strong character development and this did not disappoint! As I read along, the author could make me feel August’s sadness and anxiety when at first, no one was sitting next to him during lunch. But then, Summer arrives – YES! I found myself rooting for Summer when she decides to sit with him out of the kindness of her heart. A nice (and undeniably harsh) surprise was seeing a villain AND gray character in the same story. It gives August two things to deal with and learn how to navigate simultaneously. Julian is August’s main bully, whose rivalry tension seeps through the pages as Julian constantly tries to bring August down. Jack Will is the gray character who is not bad, but also not the greatest he seems. Among other gray characters are August’s own sister, Olivia Pullman. Trust me, you’re in for a wild, surprising ride with this book.

The anxiety and fear of the unknown August has makes your skin crawl and keeps you reading non-stop to find out what he will have to face next. He was born with mandibulofacial dysostosis – distorting your facial features, such as giving you a small jaw and chin, downward-slanting and positioned eyes, among other distinct facial features caused by gene mutation. Among my favorite genres to read is contemporary fiction. When it comes to specifics, reading books that touch on mental health and/or special needs grabs my attention because of the continued need for respect and representation for this area. So I instantly delved into this book’s pages eager to learn something new about someone unique. I finished the book in 2-3 days tops.

While it may have been said already, I do think you can never say it too much: there’s always more to a person than their looks. Filled with Stars Wars references, Halloween costumes gone haywire, middle-school shenanigans, humorous moments, and simply someone looking to be seen as ordinary, this middle-grade novel will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice for kindness. It will also make you reflect on your deeds, because, as told in the story, “your deeds are your monuments.” With the help of Mr. Browne’s wonderful precepts and school plaque, it is great to remember: “What kind of person am I?” and “know thyself”. R. J. Palacio has unleashed a book of wonder.

Of course, I recommend this book to anyone, no matter what your age and favorite genre is because it is better to be aware and gain more knowledge of another’s lifestyle. I really enjoy kindness highlights, and hope to see more kindness in the world.

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Rating: 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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