The Long-Term Positivity of Multicultural Children’s Books


It is common knowledge that there is current rise of multi-cultural main characters in children’s literature. And for good reason, because every child deserves to be represented in the pages they read. Please be aware that children’s literature involves picture books, middle-grade books, and young adult novels. Middle-grade books usually run for ages 9-14 and young adult ranges between 14-29. But it is widely known that people older than 29 are still reading young adult novels because, well, they will always be relatable and relevant to society. It is safe to assume that many of us will always have our inner, teenage self. Twenty-to-thirty years ago, it was rare to see people of color as a book’s main character. Now, all children have a higher chance of coming across a book cover with a protagonist that looks and is like them.

Stef Soto, Taco Queen by Jennifer Torres is among the children’s books that have been recently published with a young Mexican-American protagonist…please continue reading at

My note: I’m absolutely thrilled that my article “The Long-Term Positivity of Multicultural Children’s Books” is finally out in the world!! Woo!!

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