Q&A with Francisco Montaña Ibáñez, author of The Immortal Boy

Happy to have translated this interview from Spanish to English, THE IMMORTAL BOY:EL INMORTAL by Francisco Montaña Ibáñez is available now!

Book Time

The Immortal Boy from Raincoast Books and Levine Querido is an interesting story in content and presentation. Told in both Spanish and English, it shares the story of two different families and “how they weave together will never leave you.”

I asked Francisco about writing The Immortal Boy, his other work and working with a translator. This Q&A is translated by Yvonne Tapia.

Q. Congratulations on your book The Immortal Boy, the first book of yours that has been translated into English. Have you written other books? Can you tell me a bit about the others?
A. First of all, many thanks for reading my novel, which indeed is my first novel translated in English. I’ve written many more books, known in Colombia and in other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Regarding the other books, I think I’ve had various stages as a writer. In…

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