Fabian Flores Publishing: U.S. Latinx-focused Press

Every company usually stands for something. To reach audiences, especially its intended one, it takes time and persistence. Fabian Flores Publishing, a new Latinx-focused publisher, is a company that centers the Latinx community. The founder, Norma Fabian Newton, a former attorney and New York Times published writer, chatted with Latinx in Publishing recently to discuss all things Fabian Flores.

YVONNE TAPIA: Thank you for speaking with me today, Norma! It’s exciting to see the roots of your company begin to flourish.   

NORMA FABIAN NEWTON: Thanks Yvonne, I really appreciate it!

YT: What inspired you to start Fabian Flores Publishing (FFP)?

NFN: The roots of Fabian Flores go back a long time. As a child, growing up as a first-generation Indigenous Latina immigrant, I never saw my experience reflected in books. It was very rare to see anything close to my story, or to see my community, represented in books. This reality remained constant over the years. After I had my children and began looking for Latinx books to read to them, I realized that nothing much had changed: there was still a [lack] of Latinx books. I really wanted to do something to help change the future for them, and for our community. I wanted to create something different. I wanted to shift the way the industry does business with regard to our community.

YT: What’s the company mission?

NFN: The main company mission is to center and amplify the U.S. Latinx experience. We seek to publish work that reflects our community’s beautiful and nuanced existence in this country. The hope is to change the publishing infrastructure. Our goal is to be in relationship with community organizations and allies to help bring more Latinx stories to readers.

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