Yvonne Tapia is a media professional, with excellent computer and social media skills who is not afraid to take on new projects and challenges. As a digital native, she has worked with technology from MS Office, to CS Suite, to social media and customer relationship management tools, such as HubSpot. A huge fan of book, movie, and TV genres: fantasy, contemporary YA, mystery and romance—especially when they combine and cross over.

She earned a BA from Hunter College, double majoring in Media Studies and Psychology. During her college education, she took relevant classes such as Social Psychology, The Culture of Publicity, and Journalism. “We are each a book of a kind with our own story.” is her motto.

Yvonne has worked in the educational and media fields through various outlets. With a long-term enthusiasm for children’s content marketing, she has been involved at Housing Works Bookstore and Latinx in Publishing. She currently works on the Marketing and Publicity team at Levine Querido.

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