Latino Representation in Literature

Hola! I am currently working on an article describing the need for more Latino representation in literature. Very excited about it and for all to read! In the meantime, I am posting the featuring image I made for it. Peep: the text is the very beginning of my article. –Yvonne

Harry Potter: Books vs. Movies

Say “Harry Potter,” and at least one person in the room should know what you are talking about. The Harry Potter Series has undoubtedly changed the entire world over the past 20 years. Ever since Joanne Rowling (best known as J. K. Rowling) brilliantly published it (serious Scholastic Inc. magic here, since many other publishersContinue reading “Harry Potter: Books vs. Movies”

Antagonist: An Analysis of Lucy in “The Light We Lost”

The women’s fiction volume (also falls under young adult novel in my opinion), The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo, is one of the few novels of its genre that really puts your thoughts about a protagonist into a new perspective. While I truly enjoyed reading this novel because of the way it was written, IContinue reading “Antagonist: An Analysis of Lucy in “The Light We Lost””

“New York City” – How much do you love New York City?

          How much do you love New York City? I hosted and scripted the following video for MNN; interviewing both New Yorkers and tourists on their opinion about New York City. I had a lot of fun interviewing, even if it was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit! I was shocked by someContinue reading ““New York City” – How much do you love New York City?”

The Walking Dead: What Led To Its Jeopardy

The Walking Dead: What Led To Its Jeopardy For those avid fans of The Walking Dead, I recently wrote an article for The Artifice Online Magazine to highlight major twists that led to the show’s jeopardy (note: this covers seasons 1-8). Hope you enjoy it along with the comments! Link:


      Here is an episode I produced for The Youth Channel at MNN. I brainstormed and wrote the script for “Chocolate”, as well as had the pleasure of Hosting it. I had an awesome, creative time video editing and adding some sound effects to it. I highlighted key details that do not alwaysContinue reading ““Chocolate””

Book Jacket Sample for Social Psychology

    Hi guys! I have brainstormed and created these book jackets for Social Psychology. As you may know, I majored in Media Studies and Psychology. I created this book jacket with warm and inviting colors, and added images that represent diversity and different social gatherings. The major difference between them is the back cover;Continue reading “Book Jacket Sample for Social Psychology”

The Power of Social Media: Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?

The Power of Social Media; Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships? Today, absolutely everyone has been impacted by social media. Celebrities daily lives are among the first to be posted online, followed by our friends’ posts, then posts of others we may not even know. However, having many online friends does not mean weContinue reading “The Power of Social Media: Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?”