Fabian Flores Publishing: U.S. Latinx-focused Press

Every company usually stands for something. To reach audiences, especially its intended one, it takes time and persistence. Fabian Flores Publishing, a new Latinx-focused publisher, is a company that centers the Latinx community. The founder, Norma Fabian Newton, a former attorney and New York Times published writer, chatted with Latinx in Publishing recently to discussContinue reading “Fabian Flores Publishing: U.S. Latinx-focused Press”

The Power of Social Media: Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?

The Power of Social Media; Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships? Today, absolutely everyone has been impacted by social media. Celebrities daily lives are among the first to be posted online, followed by our friends’ posts, then posts of others we may not even know. However, having many online friends does not mean weContinue reading “The Power of Social Media: Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?”

We Are Each A Book of a Kind With Our Own Story

  This is a book cover I made for a book about myself. The red color of the cover reflects strength and determination. Important: The reason I chose a semi-light red color was because there is also a calm aspect of things. while the orange/yellow of the illustrated book represents my enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement.Continue reading “We Are Each A Book of a Kind With Our Own Story”

Lifestyle – Culture Magazine

Privacy in a Public World: Leaked Nude Photos on Social Media by Yvonne Tapia When we take a photo of something like a cute puppy, a selfie with a friend, or a photo of their lunch, we assume that our content is secure in the cloud. As we convert almost completely to digital, it hasContinue reading “Lifestyle – Culture Magazine”