Fabian Flores Publishing: U.S. Latinx-focused Press

Every company usually stands for something. To reach audiences, especially its intended one, it takes time and persistence. Fabian Flores Publishing, a new Latinx-focused publisher, is a company that centers the Latinx community. The founder, Norma Fabian Newton, a former attorney and New York Times published writer, chatted with Latinx in Publishing recently to discussContinue reading “Fabian Flores Publishing: U.S. Latinx-focused Press”

Book Review for The Fresh New Face of Griselda by Jennifer Torres

  Griselda Zaragoza refuses to accept her new family lifestyle, by secretly selling makeup to her classmates! Griselda is our multicultural protagonist in this contemporary fiction novel.  She often gets called “Geez” (G.Z. for short), who lives a happy, suburban life with her older sister, Mabel, and parents. However, Griselda’s world is shattered when herContinue reading “Book Review for The Fresh New Face of Griselda by Jennifer Torres”