Panadería Diversa/Diverse Bakery

      Hi there! I have made a Bakery Logo for fun, with an upgrade in my official logo attached! If you’d like a similar logo made for your company, please feel free to contact me in the contact section! The difference between the 2 are the color of the dashed border. In myContinue reading “Panadería Diversa/Diverse Bakery”

Book Jacket Sample for Social Psychology

    Hi guys! I have brainstormed and created these book jackets for Social Psychology. As you may know, I majored in Media Studies and Psychology. I created this book jacket with warm and inviting colors, and added images that represent diversity and different social gatherings. The major difference between them is the back cover;Continue reading “Book Jacket Sample for Social Psychology”

Robin by Yvonne Tapia

“Robin” is a children’s book that I wrote and illustrated as a project for my Children’s Literature course at Hunter College during the Fall 2013 Semester. The main theme of this book is growing as an individual, by overcoming obstacles that come your way. In terms of self-critique, I would probably change father bird livingContinue reading “Robin by Yvonne Tapia”

We Are Each A Book of a Kind With Our Own Story

  This is a book cover I made for a book about myself. The red color of the cover reflects strength and determination. Important: The reason I chose a semi-light red color was because there is also a calm aspect of things. while the orange/yellow of the illustrated book represents my enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement.Continue reading “We Are Each A Book of a Kind With Our Own Story”

Page Designs

All of my paper designs are inspired by the same color palette; light yet strong colors. If I were to have them published, I would use them for journals, diaries, even notebooks. I’d dare say it is time for new page designs, other than the usual black and white pattern one is used to seeingContinue reading “Page Designs”