Book Jacket Sample for Social Psychology

    Hi guys! I have brainstormed and created these book jackets for Social Psychology. As you may know, I majored in Media Studies and Psychology. I created this book jacket with warm and inviting colors, and added images that represent diversity and different social gatherings. The major difference between them is the back cover;Continue reading “Book Jacket Sample for Social Psychology”

The Power of Social Media: Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?

The Power of Social Media; Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships? Today, absolutely everyone has been impacted by social media. Celebrities daily lives are among the first to be posted online, followed by our friends’ posts, then posts of others we may not even know. However, having many online friends does not mean weContinue reading “The Power of Social Media: Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?”